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HomeBrand of the MonthGenteel Handmade Brand of the MonthPromotionGenteel Handmade Bespoke Omega-Style Deployant Strapsby Partner ContentJanuary 01, 2020 MIN READGenteel HandmadeGenteel Handmade’s top priority is to make the small things unforgettable. Being inspired by the attention to detail that is involved in the making of an Omega timepiece, they created a unique strap that perfectly fits your Omega Deployant.
Genteel Handmade offers you the freedom to design a truly unique strap. When designing an Omega-Style Deployant Strap, you can choose the leather, thread, lining leather, dimensions, strap width and more. The personalization goes even further by offering the possibility of embossing initials or other meaningful words on the back of the strap. The only limit is imagination.
The Omega-Style Deployant strap dimensions are custom-made, specifically for an Omega Deployant. These unique straps are especially made to a thickness of 2.5mm – designed to perfectly fit an Omega OEM Dep..

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Barry Skolnick Opens Ikonick Motors With Unveiling Of Apollo “IE” Intensa Emozione

Car collector, entrepreneur and philanthropist Barry Skolnick celebrated the grand opening of his Ikonick Motors and his birthday this past weekend in Miami. Skolnick and Apollo Automobil, the European hyper-car manufacturer, unveiled for Apollo’s latest project, the “IE” Intensa Emozione, at Ikonick Motors.

The car was built with the collaboration of legendary motorsport and development specialist HWA AG for the final dynamic development phase of the Intensa Emozione.
The stupendous vehicle pays homage to the GT1 glory days. The design is impressive in every detail and baffles the mind to think that such a design could come true. The new all-carbon fiber chassis, which comes with mono-cell rollover protection, was hand-built by Apollo and HWA AG, using high-quality prepreg-autoclave by Capricorn Group.

“In the relentless pursuit of perfection we took it a step further and created a strategic technical partnership with HWA AG,” said Apollo Chairman, Norman Choi, in April when anno..

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A Year In Flight

It is sometimes mindboggling to realize how fast a year can fly by. Here we are on the threshold of not only a new year but also a new decade. As time is passing us so quickly, it is interesting to see its effect within an industry that is dedicated to making the passing of time not only visible but also measurable.

To stay within the theme of ‘time flying by’, in 2019 it was 115 years ago that the very first watch was strapped on the wrist of a pilot. That honor fell to aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont, with a watch designed and made by his good friend Louis Cartier. What was back then a groundbreaking and bonafide ‘sports watch’ is today considered one of the most elegant watches a man can get, despite that the overall appearance of the Santos Dumont has hardly changed. Although its role changed within the watch scene has time been very kind to the Santos Dumont. The design of the watch remains even today captivating and has been able to transcend trends, and there have been ..

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Speedy Tuesday – The Best Of 2019 And A Look Into 2020

HomeSpeedy TuesdaySpeedy Tuesday – The Best Of 2019 And A Look Into 2020 Speedy TuesdayOmegaSpeedy Tuesday – The Best Of 2019 And A Look Into 2020 and a selection of RJ's favorite Speedy Tuesday articles in 2019 by Robert-Jan BroerDecember 31, 2019 MIN READSpeedy Tuesday – The Best Of 2019 And A Look Into 20202019 was an amazing ‘Speedmaster’ year, not only because of the 50th anniversary of Apollo XI and the Speedmasters celebrating this, or the re-introduction of the famous caliber 321 but also because of the many Speedy Tuesday events we were able to organize.
Together with Omega, we hosted 8 events from January 2019 till December 2019. We visited Japan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong to meet with you and celebrate our passion for the Speedmaster. It was amazing to meet many of you during these events, and it felt heartwarming every single time, even in places where we’ve never been before. Thank you for that. I also would like to thank..

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Breaking a Mountaineering World Record with the Bremont Supermarine S300

Records, like rules, were meant to be broken. Though some fall far more easily than others, they both form a loose framework for what it means to be human, and how we’ve all managed to coexist since the beginning of time. As we continue to look back on 2019 and the conclusion of the decade, two of the year’s records in particular stood out as once-in-a-generation human achievements that set new benchmarks for previously perceived limitations on endurance. One of which, of course was Eliud Kipchoge running an incredible 1:59:40 marathon back in October, shattering the long-held belief that the mythical “sub-two” was simply not humanly possible. Granted, Kipchoge’s time can’t be officially counted as a world record as it was run on a special closed street course in Vienna, Austria, and not as a formal marathon event, plus it was achieved with the help of an experimental Nike shoe and a rotating team of Olympians running in formation around Kipchoge to keep him on pace and shield him from..

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Watch Strap Review Part 38. – Velle Alexander Straps

HomeWatch Strap ReviewWatch Strap Review Part 38. – Velle Alexander Straps Watch Strap ReviewWatch Strap Review Part 38. – Velle Alexander Straps A young Minnesotan brand with a lot to offer by Balazs FerencziDecember 31, 2019 MIN READWatch Strap Review Part 38. – Velle Alexander StrapsVelle Alexander might be a young brand, but they have a clear vision and determination that will take them a long way in the business.
Let’s have a look at some of the most notable names coming from Minnesota. To start, we have legendary American fiction writer and novelist F Scott Fitzgerald, who was born in the state. The Los Angeles Lakers from the NBA were once called Minneapolis Lakers – the name finally makes sense if we look at the map of Minneapolis with its 13 lakes. The state is not team-less, but the Timberwolves don’t have the success the Lakers had while still in Minnesota (5 championships). Lastly, the topic of today’s Watch Strap Review, an up and coming brand, is among the 5.6 million Min..

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New Gulfstream G700 Is World’s Largest Private Jet

The largest private jet in the world has been unveiled by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Dynamics): the Gulfstream G700 TM. The new plane has been dubbed as the company’s flagship aircraft. It goes far, fast and takes passengers on a luxurious experience in the skies.

Gulfstream announced the new G700 as the 2019 edition of the National Business Aviation Association Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas was set to begin.
At the event, Gulfstream President Mark Burns displayed a mockup of the new plane, as well as a video of the aircraft at Gulfstream’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia.
“The Gulfstream G700 takes the very best elements from our most innovative products and unites them with cutting-edge advances to create an all-new, advanced-technology aircraft that redefines safety, comfort and range at speed,” said Burns. “This announcement is the biggest news in business aviation history and is the result of the investments General Dynamics made ..

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The Best Watches Of 2019 – From Our Editorial Team

HomeWatch TalkThe Best Watches Of 2019 – From Our Editorial Team Watch TalkThe Best Watches Of 2019 – From Our Editorial Team Our editors picked their favourite watches from 2019 by Robert-Jan BroerDecember 30, 2019 MIN READThe Best Watches Of 2019 – From Our Editorial TeamThe best watches of 2019 according to our editorial team, an overview of over 30 different watches!
We’re looking back at a very successful year for Fratello. We grew tremendously, not only in reach but also in the quality and quantity of our content as well as the number of contributors to Fratello. We hired a head of operations, Daniel, who’s responsible for almost everything besides the content you see here (yet we asked him to chip in as well for this article, as he is a watch guy after all), we did a total redesign of our online magazine, we started with our podcast series, we opened our shop, we started to have our articles translated in other languages (live early 2020) and we are about to introduce a new (ful..

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Haute Time’s Hottest Ladies Watches Of 2019

The time that ladies watches where smaller men’s watches with diamonds added is long gone. Today they often unite several different crafts into a single creation, being a driving force of the Métier d’arts and quite frequently powered by sophisticated, mechanical movements. In some form follows function, yet always with an elegant touch, while others do it the other way around. This makes the world of women’s watches so incredibly diverse, as perhaps even more so than with men’s watches, are the only boundaries the imagination and capabilities of the maker. That this result in exceptional watches was also proven this year with these stunning creations;

Hublot Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold
Watches with a rainbow setting have become a bit of a niche trend in the last couple of years. This has resulted in many exciting watches, but few as imposing as the Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold from Hublot. Four hundred seventy-three colored gemstones are needed to create it. Selecte..

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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Black ZO9276 Watch Hands-On

In the second part of 2019, Zodiac quietly released the first “blacked-out” version of its popular Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Automatic watch with the reference ZO9276. Internally, this watch is mostly known as the “Super Sea Wolf 53 Black.” The timepiece offers a new dial-color treatment as well as stainless steel case and bracelet that have been thoroughly PVD-coated in black. The underlying steel surface treatments remain the same, with the polished and brushed surfaces still rendering nicely in the all-black color.

Why black? Aside from the fact that “all black” watches are rather popular with some watch consumers, from a designer’s perspective, there is another goal. Taking a core design and offering it in new colors is an interesting test to see how versatile and robust a core design is. By that, I mean the notion that if the Super Sea Wolf 53 case looks good in polished steel, as well as black-coated steel, it is a robust and versatile design. This is contrary to man..

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