BREAKING NEWS: Baselworld 2020 Postponed To January 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Baselworld 2020 Postponed To January 2021 Shows & Events

In light of Switzerland’s recent decision to quite literally ban exhibitions and events expecting more than 1,000 visitors for the foreseeable future due to coronavirus related concerns, it is no surprise to find the news of Baselworld 2020 postponed to January 2021 breaking. The fair joins Watches & Wonders (ex-SIHH), that communicated the same decision to the same effect just yesterday.

BREAKING NEWS: Baselworld 2020 Postponed To January 2021 Shows & Events

Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld.

Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld said: “We deeply regret having had to postpone the event as planned due to the coronavirus, in full consideration of the needs of the watch and jewellery industry to be able to benefit from the platform to develop their business. This decision has been all the more difficult in view of all the positives that have been achieved through listening and dialogue over the last few months, which resulted in new concepts and new solutions, that have attracted exhibitors to return and new ones to sign on. We registered encouraging growth in all sectors; watchmaking, jewellery, the gemstone and pearl trade, as well as in the technical branch.

By postponing the show to January 2021, we have found a solution that enables the industry and all our customers to avoid losing a full year and at the same time reset their calendars for the beginning of the year, a period that is conductive to the presentation of their new products, new trends and order taking. This postponing will also allow Baselworld to continue developing and bringing new formats and solutions as well as improvements to the new concept we propose.

BREAKING NEWS: Baselworld 2020 Postponed To January 2021 Shows & Events

The concept of a warm Baselworld (and Watches & Wonders) then is out the window, but we are all very much looking forward to visiting the fair in 2021. Until then, a whole lot more traveling to the individual manufactures, and even more watch novelties shipped in for us to see, will be the solution we’ll seek to continue bringing you the newest and most exciting timepieces of 2020. For more on how cancelled shows affect the industry, read Ariel’s take here. Further official communication available at

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