Bremont HMAF Argonaut Diver’s Watch Wrist Time Review

Britain’s beloved Bremont, a still youthful house in an industry boasting a slew of centenarian brands, already has a surprisingly lengthy history of producing special editions of its standard models for military units, such as the Royal Navy Clearance Divers, U.S. Air Force C-130 operators, and Royal Air Force Flight Engineers. In fact, Bremont co-founder Giles English has indicated that as much as 25 percent of Bremont’s business is with military clients. Given that important relationship, earlier this year Bremont unveiled its Her Majesty’s Armed Forces collection, a trio of watches representing and approved by Britain’s Royal Army, Navy, and Air Force.
Though not actually issued to military units, the watches have reportedly been designed in collaboration with the forces they are meant to honor, which, obvious marketing value aside, makes for a cool design concept. As a deep-sea diver and former Coast Guard search-and-rescue boat operator, I like my watches nautical. I was excited..