Longines Unveils Silver Arrow Watch

Designing a dressy timepiece is an exercise in nuance. Within the compact and usually minimalist confines afforded by these watches, the smallest adjustments – be they changes in proportion, visual balance, or small decorative touches – can have a massive impact on the character of the overall design. Over its nearly 190 year history, Longines has proven this concept time and again, and affords enthusiasts a window into the evolving language of these designs through the brand’s broad and eclectic Heritage collection. For its latest addition to this series, Longines returns to 1955, reviving one of its most charismatic midcentury designs. The new Longines Silver Arrow handsomely captures the optimism and understated charm of the mid-‘50s with a handful of modern refinements.
The stainless steel case of the Longines Silver Arrow is clean and classical in form, with enough unique flair to set itself apart. The mirror polished smooth bezel is wide enough to have its own presence in initia..