Union Glashütte Belisar Datum Sport — A Classic Diver

HomeWatch ReleasesUnion Glashütte Belisar Datum Sport — A Classic Diver Watch ReleasesUnionUnion Glashütte Belisar Datum Sport — A Classic Diver A Big New Diver from Germany by Michael StocktonFebruary 14, 2020 MIN READUnion Glashütte Belisar Datum Sport — A Classic DiverIt seems to be new release season for much of the Swatch Group and with the announcement of the new Union Glashütte Belisar Datum Sport, the German maker has also gotten in on the act. Today’s focus just happens to be a large 45mm diver with strong legible looks and an approachable price level.
The Belisar Datum Sport Comes in One VariantAs of now, the Union Glashütte Belisar Datum Sport is only available with a black dial and matching sapphire crystal bezel. It’s a safe starting point for a brand that usually focuses on a different style of watch. Conveniently, the brand will supply two different 22mm-wide straps with the watch. Both use quick release spring bars for easy changing. For sporty activities, black rubber ..

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#TBT Full Auto Orient King Diver

HomeTBT#TBT Full Auto Orient King Diver TBTOrient#TBT Full Auto Orient King Diver A Stunning 1960s Diver from Japan by Michael StocktonFebruary 13, 2020 MIN READ#TBT Full Auto Orient King DiverWe take a look at an unusually large watch from the 1960s — the Full Auto Orient King Diver.
We’ve delivered a fair amount of Orient coverage here on Fratello related to both new and old watches. Today, we’ll head down the latter path as we feast our eyes on what I think is a true classic. It may be a bit derivative, but the Full Auto Orient King Diver has real character. So what if it looks a lot several other twin-crown Super Compressors from the same era? I still find it highly attractive, and I figure there’s a good chance you will too.

The First Simple King DiverYou’ll likely recall our recent article on the 70th Anniversary King Diver that’s due to hit shelves within the next couple of months in Japan and Europe. That watch took its direct inspiration from the 1965 original that I’m fortun..

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Bremont HMAF Argonaut Diver’s Watch Wrist Time Review

Britain’s beloved Bremont, a still youthful house in an industry boasting a slew of centenarian brands, already has a surprisingly lengthy history of producing special editions of its standard models for military units, such as the Royal Navy Clearance Divers, U.S. Air Force C-130 operators, and Royal Air Force Flight Engineers. In fact, Bremont co-founder Giles English has indicated that as much as 25 percent of Bremont’s business is with military clients. Given that important relationship, earlier this year Bremont unveiled its Her Majesty’s Armed Forces collection, a trio of watches representing and approved by Britain’s Royal Army, Navy, and Air Force.
Though not actually issued to military units, the watches have reportedly been designed in collaboration with the forces they are meant to honor, which, obvious marketing value aside, makes for a cool design concept. As a deep-sea diver and former Coast Guard search-and-rescue boat operator, I like my watches nautical. I was excited..

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Hot Take: Orient King Diver 70th Anniversary

HomeHot TakeHot Take: Orient King Diver 70th Anniversary Hot TakeOrientHot Take: Orient King Diver 70th Anniversary An Exciting Reissue Comes from Japan by Michael StocktonFebruary 06, 2020 MIN READHot Take: Orient King Diver 70th AnniversaryWe take a glimpse at the newly announced Orient King Diver 70th Anniversary models.
We’ve been doing our best to review a healthy mix of both new and vintage Orient models here on Fratello. As we’ve mentioned, we find the brand’s watches worthy of consideration if you’re in search of value and a lengthy spec sheet. We’ve also detailed the company’s somewhat confusing marketing strategy and the fact that there’s not yet a truly global product offering. But today’s subjects are exciting as the new Orient King Diver 70th Anniversary pieces will be sold globally. Of course, there will be JDM and “rest of world” offerings.

The Original Weekly Auto Orient King DiverLet’s bring you back to a #TBT article published back in August 2018 about a 1960s Weekly..

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Pre-Owned Picks — Diver Watches From Tudor, Grand Seiko, Rolex, and Omega

HomePreowned PicksPre-Owned Picks — Diver Watches From Tudor, Grand Seiko, Rolex, and Omega Preowned PicksPre-Owned Picks — Diver Watches From Tudor, Grand Seiko, Rolex, and Omega Our preferred pre-owned picks for week 5 by Robert-Jan BroerJanuary 31, 2020 MIN READPre-Owned Picks — Diver Watches From Tudor, Grand Seiko, Rolex, and OmegaI thought it would be fun to pick only one style of watch for this week’s Pre-Owned Picks. And so I went for divers’ watches. Besides chronographs, diving timepieces are perhaps the most popular type of sports watch.
I have my share of divers’ watches and I am not a good swimmer, at all. It’s also not really about being able to dive with them, and certainly not to 300 meters or more. It is far more about the build quality of these watches. A divers’ watch is a perfect everyday watch because it is water-resistant, can take a beating, and, by their nature, are highly legible. The downsides are that they’re often bulky and less often suited to more formal o..

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Diver Prim Orlik – 52Mondayz, week #5-2020

Home52MondayzDiver Prim Orlik – 52Mondayz, week #5-2020 52MondayzPRIMDiver Prim Orlik – 52Mondayz, week #5-2020 Czech military legend from 1965 by Tomas RosputinskyJanuary 27, 2020 MIN READDiver Prim Orlik – 52Mondayz, week #5-2020With only 300 pieces ever produced, the prices of the Prim Orlik easily fetch north of €10,000.
The Prim Orlik is undoubtedly the most sought-after watch to ever come out of the Czechoslovak industry. Many international buyers would immediately buy. But sadly, there are no offers. Only very seldom does one pop up for sale, and when that happens, it’s often offline.

Pioneering Prim OrlikThe Prim Orlik thoroughly deserves its cult status. It’s the first Czechoslovak watch with a stainless-steel case, the first Prim water-resistant watch, the first Prim watch with Incabloc, the first Prim watch with radioactive luminant, and the first Prim watch with a plastic strap. And, most importantly, the Prim Orlik is a tough tool watch that was developed especially for ..

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Vintage Review: Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver

HomeWatch ReviewVintage Review: Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver Watch ReviewCitizenVintage Review: Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver An Alternative to the Seiko 6105 and 6309 by Michael StocktonJanuary 17, 2020 MIN READVintage Review: Citizen 62-6198 Challenge DiverWe take a look at a popular watch with collectors, the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver: a credible alternative to 70’s Seiko divers.
I’ve patiently waited to write an article on any one of Citizen‘s 150-meter divers from the 1970s. You see, I picked up an example of today’s Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver nearly four years back from a friend here in Germany, and while it’s an excellent example, it’s a bit controversial due to some details I’ll share later. And so I did what most watch collectors do, and that’s hunt for a second example. I finally hit pay dirt sometime during 2019 and now felt like a good time to give you a peek at what I think represents a series of watches that are great alternatives to the more oft-discussed..

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Favre-Leuba Releases New 42mm Raider Harpoon Diver Watch

While the brand has flown mostly under the radar for the mainstream audience, Favre-Leuba has one of the longest histories in all of Swiss watchmaking and a rich legacy among serious diving enthusiasts and professionals. One of the brand’s most recent diving innovations, 2017’s Raider Harpoon, took the legibility focused concept of the regulator dial in a new and unique direction. After the success of that initial model, Favre-Leuba has now reimagined the Raider Harpoon line in a smaller, more wearable 42mm case.

This new stainless steel (with optional gunmetal PVD coating) case keeps the beefy ‘70s cushion case style of the original Raider Harpoon, maintaining the proportions of the larger watch as much as possible without sacrificing its functionality. Even at the smaller, more consumer-friendly 42mm size, this is still a watch with wrist presence in spades to go with its loud vintage-inspired design. While the dual crown case may look like a classic supercompressor, one of the scr..

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Atelier Millésime Launches The Monarque Diver With Vaucher Movement

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

Despite the passage of time, the iconic Art Deco design sensibilities of the 1930s and the evolutionary styles of the 1950s and 1960s remain favorites among watch enthusiasts. Few enthusiasts understand this better than esteemed Singaporean watch collector Benjamin Chee, whose expertise has guided both the incredible creations of Benjamin Chee Haute Horologerie and the uniquely Chinese artisanship of Maison Celadon.

For his latest endeavor, Chee has launched Atelier Millésime (abbreviated as AM), dedicated to reinterpreting and blending these classic designs into an altogether superior new vision. The brand’s name translates literally to “Vintage Workshop,” and AM is a true workshop in every sense of the word, lovingly handcrafting each timepiece in a family-owned facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The choice of a Swiss-French name further honors the ancestral design tradition of these stunning pieces.

The central concep..

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Introducing – The Revamped Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph (Reside Pics & Worth)

Ulysse Nardin is clearly in the middle of an import restructuring process and updating most of its emblematic watches. After new watches in the Marine collection, it was time for the Diver to get a fresher look. Following last year’s evolutions on the 3-hand models, the brand now comes up with three new yet instantly recognizable Diver Chronographs. Still imposing, still bold, still unmistakably Ulysse Nardin, the new chronos benefit from the latest design upgrade and jettison a lot of ballast in favour of a lighter, more streamlined and contemporary look.

The new 2019 Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 44mm is available in two regular models – 18k rose gold/blue and titanium/black – as well as a limited edition “Hammerhead Shark” in titanium/blue
What’s new?
Last year, Ulysse Nardin unveiled its redesigned Diver Chronometer, a pared-down and more contemporary approach to its flamboyant Divers of the past. If you look back at this limited edition Monaco Yacht Show 2016 Diver Chronograph,..

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