Inhorgenta Munich — A Haven Of Independent Brands

HomeEventInhorgenta Munich — A Haven Of Independent Brands EventSinnInhorgenta Munich — A Haven Of Independent Brands A fine day out at the fair by Rob NuddsFebruary 15, 2020 MIN READInhorgenta Munich — A Haven Of Independent BrandsAs one of Germany’s most important watch and jewelry fairs, tickets for Inhorgenta Munich were hot property. A bustling atmosphere and fine array of brands ensured a stellar success for the organizers. Fratello deployed a trio of intrepid fair-goers to check out the novelties on show.
And yes, we tried to photograph the pieces for you. As anyone who has ever been to a watch fair will know, taking good quality images on the fly is close-to-impossible. As the importance of on-the-spot reporting via social media channels grows, some fairs are starting to take note and provide special, well-lit areas for journalists to snap the products. While Inhorgenta Munich didn’t offer that, it certainly packed a punch from a goods perspective.

Daniel, Nadja, and I convene..

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MeisterSinger Astroscope Watch Released At Inhorgenta Fair

HomeHot TakeMeisterSinger Astroscope Watch Released At Inhorgenta Fair Hot TakeMeistersingerMeisterSinger Astroscope Watch Released At Inhorgenta Fair A constellation of treats hits Münich. My pick? The new Astroscope. by Rob NuddsFebruary 14, 2020 MIN READMeisterSinger Astroscope Watch Released At Inhorgenta FairMeisterSinger is welcoming a new model to its line-up. Building on the success of the recent Lunascope, the MeisterSinger Astroscope keeps the focus well and truly on the skies above.
I like MeisterSinger for its uniqueness, but I often find it hard to get excited about the watches themselves. Why? The single-hand concept is cool (and brand-defining) but, for me, it is too limited for many novelties to be, well, novel. Here, however, with the release of the MeisterSinger Astroscope, the brand succeeds in presenting useful dial information without sacrificing its core values. That’s a lot harder to do than one might think. And whenever a brand succeeds in pulling off a clever f..

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