Hands-On: Isotope GMT 0º Watch

British-based Isotope has been around since 2016, and the GMT 0º is the brand’s third and latest offering. I’ve known about the brand peripherally, but this new model was the first I got to handle in the metal. Everyone knows I love a unique or interesting dial, but I also understand mechanical watches with those adjectives tend to carry serious price tags. With a price under $1,000, the Isotope GMT 0º is at least worth a look for anyone like me with a soft spot for the offbeat.
First, a note about the two prototypes you see here. I received two review units, one in blue and one in white. Off the bat, brand founder José Miranda let me know that there were a couple of imperfections in the prototypes, mainly that the date dot on the blue dial model needs to be brighter, and the lumed GMT “Lacrima” pointer on the white dial model isn’t perfect. Fortunately (and ironically), the date dot on the white dial model is correct, and the lume on the blue dial GMT pointer is correct, so I’ll show..