RJ Brings Spider-Man To Haute Horlogerie With Two New Limited-Edition Models

Major licensed tie-ins, whether with major film franchises, pop culture icons, or comic book heroes, have become a rising trend in the watch industry over the past several years. These tie-in models have come in all manner of forms, from subtle nods to full-blown fantasy reinterpretations of existing timepieces, but for the most part these tie-in deals have occupied the more affordable side of the watch market. Enthusiasts typically see the luxury watch industry as more conservative when it comes to lending its high end designs to be shared with another brand, but paradoxically that trend reverses in the fanciful and ultra-exclusive pinnacle of haute horlogerie. Boutique watchmaker RJ (formerly Romain Jerome) is a perfect example of this luxury tie-in philosophy, and for its latest releases the brand has partnered with Marvel to create a pair of limited edition watches inspired by everyone’s favorite wall-crawler: Spider-Man. Both the RJ ARRAW Spider-Man and the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbi..

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Breitling Revives The Legendary AVI Ref. 765 With Three New Limited-Edition Models

In the long history of pilot watches, there is perhaps no more visually iconic chronograph than the 1953 Breitling AVI Ref. 765 “Co-Pilot.” While its Navitimer stablemate may be more famous, the clean simple forms and external rotating steel bezel of the AVI ref. 765 became the de facto template for pilot chronographs for decades, influencing designs from the likes of Dodane and even Breguet. As part of the brand’s continuing push to reintroduce classic models into its lineup, Breitling has premiered the limited edition AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition in three different versions. The stainless steel iteration is a remarkably faithful recreation of the classic original, while two further editions reimagine the design in precious metals.

All three iterations of the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition begin with a 41mm case. Apart from a very minor upsizing from the original, this reissue case is nigh-on identical to the 1953 original. The lugs may be a touch longer, and the 12-hour bidirectional..

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Seiko Presage Crown Chronograph Limited Edition — Three New Models

HomeWatch ReleasesSeiko Presage Crown Chronograph Limited Edition — Three New Models Watch ReleasesSeiko Seiko Presage Crown Chronograph Limited Edition — Three New Models A Line of Presage Watches to Commemorate a Chronograph by Michael Stockton February 19, 2020 MIN READ Seiko Presage Crown Chronograph Limited Edition — Three New Models A trio of new watches come in the form of the new Seiko Presage Crown Chronograph Limited Edition series. These new pieces pay homage to the brand’s first chronograph from 1964, the Seiko Crown.
The new release season is definitely in full swing. Despite the recently announced cancellation of Grand Seiko’s upcoming new release soiree, it seems that both the upmarket brand and Seiko will keep the press hot with news. Today happens to be ..

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Oris James Morrison Academy Of Music Limited Edition

HomeWatch ReviewOris James Morrison Academy Of Music Limited Edition Watch ReviewOrisOris James Morrison Academy Of Music Limited Edition Oris turns the class up to 11 with a jazz-influenced model from its Artelier collection by Ben HodgesFebruary 13, 2020 MIN READOris James Morrison Academy Of Music Limited EditionWe previously announced the Oris Artelier James Morrison Academy of Music on Fratello here. And now we have the chance to test drive it on the wrist. The Acadamy of Music slots into the existing jazz collection, but this time, it is inspired by a living trumpeting legend, James Morrison.
After the announcement, and the excellent article by my fellow Fratello, Andreas, on the Art Blakey, I just had to get my hands on this piece. I applaud Andreas for combining the Oris Art Blakey review with his passion for percussion. I’m a guitarist, and although I’ve chosen a piece intended for a trumpet player, James Morrison regards himself as a multi-instrumentalist. I’m hoping that cov..

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Alpina AlpinerX Freeride World Tour Limited Edition AL-283FWT5AQ6 Is A Functional Force

HomeWatch ReleasesAlpina AlpinerX Freeride World Tour Limited Edition AL-283FWT5AQ6 Is A Functional Force Watch ReleasesAlpinaAlpina AlpinerX Freeride World Tour Limited Edition AL-283FWT5AQ6 Is A Functional Force A sleeper hit for mountaineers by Rob NuddsFebruary 13, 2020 MIN READAlpina AlpinerX Freeride World Tour Limited Edition AL-283FWT5AQ6 Is A Functional ForceWhen brand partnerships feel forced, they can turn off customer interest quicker than a solar-powered Casio comes back to life when light hits the dial. Luckily for Alpina, the connection with the Freeride World Tour is not just a suitable pairing, but also one that benefits both parties. The latest Alpina AlpinerX adds to an already strong line-up.
If you’re not into Snowsports, you probably haven’t heard of the Freeride World Tour. Similarly, if you’re not into watchmaking, you probably haven’t heard of Alpina, let alone the Alpina AlpinerX. Luckily, if you’re into one, you now know about the other. Congratulations on ha..

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Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition Is A Vision In Gold

HomeWatch ReleasesOris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition Is A Vision In Gold Watch ReleasesOrisOris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition Is A Vision In Gold Okay, Oris. Let me check my bank balance… by Rob NuddsFebruary 11, 2020 MIN READOris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition Is A Vision In GoldThe new Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition is really something special. Not only is it a gorgeous watch, but it also marks the moment in time Oris may have jumped the pricing shark.
You’ve heard the term, “jumping the shark,” before, right? That moment a previously credible entity goes a little bit too far and alienates its core fanbase? Well, as much as I love Oris (and the Oris Carysfort Reef LE in particular) the price may be a bit much for fans of the brand to swallow.
The term has its roots in the popular TV Show Happy Days. The Fonz, in an attempt to prove his bravery (and, apparently, to showcase actor Henry Winkler’s water skiing skills), jumps a confined shark on water skis. You might think that ..

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Oris Carysfort Reef Limited-Edition 18k Gold Watch Hands-On

Swiss Oris watches recently debuted a new limited-edition diver’s watch that is its first dive watch in solid gold, and the second timepiece produced in collaboration with the Coral Restoration Foundation charity organization (based in Key Largo, Florida). For the brand that markets itself as making “real watches for real people,” producing a solid gold watch is, admittedly, a bit out of character. Why a gold watch, and why now? In short, so that more sales proceeds can go toward the honorable marine preservation organization.

For example, three out of the 50 Oris Craysfort Reef Limited-Edition Reference 01 798 7754 6185 will simply be given to the Coral Restoration Foundation to auction off on its own, the entire proceeds of which will go to the foundation. In addition, my understanding is that part of the sale of all the Craysfort Reef Limited-Edition watches will be given to the charity foundation.

What does the Coral Restoration Foundation actually do? To answer this question, ..

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Grand Seiko Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Four New Limited Edition Models

Beyond just expanding Seiko’s offerings into the realm of luxury watchmaking, since 1960 Grand Seiko has pushed the bounds of horology with innovative new technologies and design techniques. To celebrate 60 years of the brand, Grand Seiko has created four new limited-edition timepieces that each highlight a different aspect of the brand’s ethos — these will be released from February to April of this year. They include the SBGH281 Heritage Collection Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition, the STGK015 Elegance Collection Women’s Automatic Limited Edition, the SBGP007 Heritage Collection Quartz Limited Edition, and the SBGP015 Sport Collection Quartz Limited Edition. While each of these new models takes a very different approach to commemorating the anniversary, all four share a striking new blue dial color exclusive to these models.

The first of these, the SBGH281 Heritage Collection Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition, takes the most traditional approach. The 40mm stainless steel case takes the bro..

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Hublot Opens New Aspen Boutique With Spirit of Big Bang Rockies Limited Edition

It’s just past the stroke of nine, and I’m packed into the Silver Queen — a sleek black gondola flying up Aspen Mountain into the “white room.” Inside are a half-dozen other hopefuls, all keenly anticipating making the first tracks in last night’s freshly fallen snow, which casts a dreamy contrast against the sharp blue skies of another bright Colorado morning. Skiers call this glorious type of day a “bluebird,” and short of going chest-deep on an early spring blower, this is probably about as good as it gets.

It’s been a little over a year since Hublot became the official timekeeper of Aspen Snowmass, one of North America’s longest-running, and most prestigious ski destinations. But this year, Hublot is taking its partnership with the storied mountain (whose mid-century history dates back to the Army’s legendary 10th Mountain Division) a step further, opening its first seasonal monobrand boutique in the resort’s town center. It’s a unique move, considering most of these types of ret..

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MB&F Introduces Second-Ever Yellow Gold Model With Limited Edition Legacy Machine Perpetual Yellow Gold

Over the past 15 years, haute horologerie manufacturer MB&F has created some of the most visually distinctive innovative timepieces in its segment. Although the brand has fielded a wide variety of ultra-luxe models over the years, until now there has only been one MB&F offering in yellow gold: the LM101 Frost YG. Now, as part of the GPHG winning Legacy Machine Perpetual series, the marque has taken another rare trip into the realm of this material with the limited edition Legacy Machine Perpetual Yellow Gold.

The case construction of the Legacy Machine Perpetual Yellow Gold remains identical to its stablemates at 44 mm wide and a whopping 17.5 mm thick, but the introduction of 18 karat gold changes the presentation immensely. While on white gold, platinum, and titanium models the elemental and simplistic forms of the case fade elegantly into the background to give full attention to the intricate dial, the boldness and vibrancy of the new material demands to be seen, highlighting the ..

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