Hamilton Debuts Intra-Matic Chronograph H Watch Series

While automatic movements are more or less the norm today, the thinness and feel of a hand-wound chronograph still holds a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts (this writer included). Hamilton has a long and proud history with hand-wound chronographs with standouts like the Chronograph A and Chronograph B of the late ‘60s, and the brand is staging a dramatic return to the concept in 2021. While sharing more than a passing resemblance to the current automatic Intra-Matic Chronograph line, these new manual wind versions offer a cleaner look and a brand new exclusive movement. With a sporting ‘60s style and just a hint of patina, the new Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H series offers one of the most authentic vintage chronograph experiences from a modern watch in its price range.
The 40mm stainless steel case of the Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H is true to its ‘60s sporting roots in form, with a narrow mirror-polished bezel accentuated by slim attached lugs with a sharp..