You Asked Us: Can Watches Be Recycled?

HomeYou Asked UsYou Asked Us: Can Watches Be Recycled? You Asked UsYou Asked Us: Can Watches Be Recycled? The circle of life… by Rob Nudds June 27, 2020 MIN READYou Asked Us: Can Watches Be Recycled?Believe it or not, this one has hit our inbox on several occasions. With more and more people tuning-in to the challenges facing our environment today (and the potential cataclysm awaiting humanity in the not-so-distant future) it is perhaps unsurprising. Sustainability is key. The responsible disposal of waste has never been more important to so many people. Reducing consumption by reusing old products is a proactive hobby sweeping the globe. And so that’s probably why you asked us, “Can watches be recycled?”
Well, the simple answer is yes, they could be. Pretty much every watch component is either recyclable or “upcyclable” in some way. It is not that common for watches to be recycled, however, as the majority of the components, once worn out, do not have much residual value. This is di..