Designing Custom Timepieces With The Victorinox Swiss Army MY INOX Tool

Watch collecting, at its heart, is a hobby about personal expression. Finding the perfect watch for one’s taste and budget is one of the great journeys in watch enthusiasm, and oftentimes, the end result is a compromise between the ideal dream watch and what’s really on the market. The rise of online customization tools has allowed enthusiasts to create a truly one of a kind expression of their own tastes, helping to eliminate the creative compromise. Victorinox Swiss Army’s MY INOX configurator tool is one of the most varied and deep in its price range, bringing together over 15,000 potential combinations of dials, case materials, straps, protective bumpers, custom engravings, and included custom Spartan Swiss Army knives to its rugged INOX sports watch. Three members of our team have taken their own approaches with this new customization tool, showing off their personal styles and exploring the depth and breadth of the Victorinox Swiss Army MY INOX configuration experience.
Sean Lor..