#TBT Surprising Junghans Olympic

HomeTBT#TBT Surprising Junghans Olympic TBTJunghans#TBT Surprising Junghans Olympic With a workhorse Valjoux 7733 caliber by Tomas RosputinskyFebruary 20, 2020 MIN READ#TBT Surprising Junghans OlympicThe Junghans Olympic has everything, except for a Heuer logo on the dial. And I dare say it has even more.
The case detailing, extra robust pushers, a majestic crown, a killer strap, vivid original dial with few nice quirks and an overall condition that any safe queen would envy. This is basically the self-summary I would put atop my Curriculum Vitae were I this particular Junghans Olympic watch.
Never say neverA friendly reminder to myself that I once said I will never buy a cushion case watch. To explain, I had two legendary Heuer Autavia ref. 73363, in the “Orange boy” style and Jo Siffert colors, both sourced locally from original owners. I was never particularly fond of the cushion case, but I bought it in my early days of watch collecting as I was under the Heuer spell. Unfortunately..

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The Feynman Cove: Live on Kickstarter now

HomeBrand of the MonthThe Feynman Cove: Live on Kickstarter now Brand of the MonthPromotionThe Feynman Cove: Live on Kickstarter now Introducing the Feynman Cove, a versatile compressor-style watch from the makers of the Feynman One.by Partner ContentFebruary 20, 2020 MIN READThe Feynman Cove: Live on Kickstarter nowFeynman Timekeepers, an independent from Singapore, is currently on Kickstarter with its inaugural dive-watch, the Feynman Cove. The Cove intends to create a versatile dive silhouette, functional for functional diving, and suitable for wear in all settings.
Following the success of its first model, the modern dress-piece Feynman One, the brand returns with it’s take on the ubiquitous dive-watch. Choosing to go with a compressor-style case, the Feynman Cove is the result of a year’s design and testing.

The project was conceived with 3 design guidelines: wearability under all conditions, legibility, and thoughtful lume design. The result is a modern tool-watch which is equal ..

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RJ Brings Spider-Man To Haute Horlogerie With Two New Limited-Edition Models

Major licensed tie-ins, whether with major film franchises, pop culture icons, or comic book heroes, have become a rising trend in the watch industry over the past several years. These tie-in models have come in all manner of forms, from subtle nods to full-blown fantasy reinterpretations of existing timepieces, but for the most part these tie-in deals have occupied the more affordable side of the watch market. Enthusiasts typically see the luxury watch industry as more conservative when it comes to lending its high end designs to be shared with another brand, but paradoxically that trend reverses in the fanciful and ultra-exclusive pinnacle of haute horlogerie. Boutique watchmaker RJ (formerly Romain Jerome) is a perfect example of this luxury tie-in philosophy, and for its latest releases the brand has partnered with Marvel to create a pair of limited edition watches inspired by everyone’s favorite wall-crawler: Spider-Man. Both the RJ ARRAW Spider-Man and the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbi..

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10 Awesome Dress Watches That Were Introduced In 2019

HomeWatch Talk10 Awesome Dress Watches That Were Introduced In 2019 Watch Talk10 Awesome Dress Watches That Were Introduced In 2019 Dress watches from Lange, Blancpain, Breguet, Cartier, Chopard, Grand Seiko, Hermes, JLC, Omega and Patek by Robert-Jan BroerFebruary 20, 2020 MIN READ10 Awesome Dress Watches That Were Introduced In 20192019 seems ages ago, but we’re only in February 2020 and Watches & Wonders and Baselworld haven’t even started yet (and fingers crossed they will).
It gives me some time to reflect on 2019 and think of all the watches that we’ve seen in those 12 months. At first, I thought that not much came out last year, but giving it a bit more thought by putting some effort into reliving the SIHH 2019 and Baselworld 2019 as well as the ‘spontaneous’ introductions (we’ve had many, actually), it struck me that we’ve seen quite some good pieces. As we all know the sports models, available or not, I thought it would be nice to sum-up some of the awesome dress watches that ..

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Hands-On: Tutima Saxon One Chronograph Watch With Racing Red Dial

Tutima has been expanding the color options for a few of its collections in recent years, and the brand has been executing these pretty well. A few months back, we took a look at the green Flieger 6105, which is one of the brand’s entry level offerings and one of the best values in the category available — it was on our list of favorite watches from Baselworld 2019. Also shown at last year’s Baselworld is this ruby red Saxon One Chronograph that is a bit more divisive in nature but a lot of fun at the same time.

Red dial watches are still on the periphery as far as current trends go, but we’ve been seeing more and more of them (the TAG Heuer Monaco 1979-1989 comes to mind). It’s all in the execution, and I think Tutima succeeds in what it calls both “racing red” and “fire engine red,” which is pretty close to ruby red to my eye. There is some good contrast with the red on the sub-dials being a bit lighter and brighter than on the rest of the dial. Overall, I find that the distinct ca..

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Christopher Ward C60 Elite 1000

HomeNewsChristopher Ward C60 Elite 1000 NewsChristopher WardChristopher Ward C60 Elite 1000 Limited predecessor gets an open series run by Tomas RosputinskyFebruary 20, 2020 MIN READChristopher Ward C60 Elite 1000Have you heard about the quick release titanium bracelet Christopher Ward introduced along with the C60 Elite? If you hadn’t already, you just have. You’re welcome. Trust me: It’s going to make your life better.
It’s easy to get lost in the C60 divers’ watch range by Christopher Ward, but I’m here to help. Unless you’re a hardcore fan, I bet you won’t be able to recollect half of the brand’s C60 offering. As of now, there are 13 C60 models available online. 13 models ready to enchant your underwater soul. A GMT, a bronze, an 8-day power reserve, hand-etched or blacked-out dials, COSC specs, aluminum or ceramic bezels, even a quartz chronograph movement. You hardly could imagine a diver being so diverse. The price tags start at around €600, reaching up to €4,500. Honestly, it’s..

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Bulova Revisits A WWII Classic With The New A-15 Pilot Watch

It almost feels redundant to use the words “vintage reissue” today. Brands over the last few years have spent a lot of time digging into their past archive, dusting off old models, and breathing some new life into them. Bulova is (recently) no exception with its new Military Collection. Key in that collection is the new A15 Pilot Watch reissue. Referencing the 1944 Military Issued A-15 “Elapsed Time Watch,” there’s a lot to like with this Bulova. Retaining the original inner rotating disks, which are manipulated but the dual crowns, we get a lot of functionality here. The outer most dial serves as an elapsed time counter, much like a dive bezel, while the inner-most bezel gives you a 12hr scale.
Bulova has opted for a Miyota 82S6 automatic caliber and paired with the watch with a brown stitched leather strap. The watch clocks in at a pretty svelte 42mm and boasts a sapphire crystal, and a somewhat diminutive 30m water resistance (but it’s a pilot watch after all).

Analysis The Bulov..

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Wrist Game or Crying Shame: Rolex Datejust 16014

HomeWrist Game or Crying ShameWrist Game or Crying Shame: Rolex Datejust 16014 Wrist Game or Crying ShameRolexWrist Game or Crying Shame: Rolex Datejust 16014 Be part of the crowd that stands out from the other crowd. by Rob NuddsFebruary 19, 2020 MIN READWrist Game or Crying Shame: Rolex Datejust 16014Welcome back to Wrist Game or Crying Shame, the regular column that asks you to anoint a currently-available pre-owned watch as hot or not. This week we’re sticking to a classic. Watches from the Rolex 1601 family are a common sight on the pre-loved market. This one’s a clean and crisp option at a good price. But before we get to it, let’s recap last week’s result…
Hola, people. Mike is once again absent, so I’m subbing in for him. This time our American dream is floating around on a cruise ship somewhere. I would tell you where, but due to the amount of Seikos that man carries on his person at any one time, there’s a very real chance I might get him kidnapped. So while Mike enjoys his w..

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Method In The Madness: An Introduction To Max Büsser’s M.A.D. Gallery

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser
M.A.D. stands for “Mechanical Art Devices,” but it is also a take on the Mel Gibson character in the film Mad Max — a connection perpetuated by the name of MB&F’s latest piece, the Thunderdome — conflated with the name of the company and gallery founder, Max Büsser. Is there madness in there somewhere? Only in a good way. Büsser’s watch brand, MB&F, needs no introduction. Its offbeat, completely unique interpretations of mechanical timekeeping include watches that resemble spaceships and clocks that move like jellyfish or spiders. They are fun, sometimes scary, always fascinating and never ordinary. Despite their endeavor to entertain and amaze, the level of finishing and horological craft raises them above the level of being gimmicky to the level of art.

The same can be said for the pieces in the M.A.D. Gallery, all of which move or illustrate movement in some way that is out of the ordinary. The kinetic energy in the gallery re..

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Breitling Revives The Legendary AVI Ref. 765 With Three New Limited-Edition Models

In the long history of pilot watches, there is perhaps no more visually iconic chronograph than the 1953 Breitling AVI Ref. 765 “Co-Pilot.” While its Navitimer stablemate may be more famous, the clean simple forms and external rotating steel bezel of the AVI ref. 765 became the de facto template for pilot chronographs for decades, influencing designs from the likes of Dodane and even Breguet. As part of the brand’s continuing push to reintroduce classic models into its lineup, Breitling has premiered the limited edition AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition in three different versions. The stainless steel iteration is a remarkably faithful recreation of the classic original, while two further editions reimagine the design in precious metals.

All three iterations of the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition begin with a 41mm case. Apart from a very minor upsizing from the original, this reissue case is nigh-on identical to the 1953 original. The lugs may be a touch longer, and the 12-hour bidirectional..

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