A Sea-Green Dream — Farer Lander II GMT Hands-On Review

HomeHands-OnA Sea-Green Dream — Farer Lander II GMT Hands-On Review Hands-OnWatch ReviewA Sea-Green Dream — Farer Lander II GMT Hands-On Review If you are looking for an affordable watch with a GMT complication, look no further. by Jorg Weppelink April 02, 2020 MIN READA Sea-Green Dream — Farer Lander II GMT Hands-On ReviewRationally, it’s pretty simple to sum-up what makes Farer watches stand out from so many competitors. But the magic of Farer is the result of putting all these elements together and making them work. Because honestly, the chances of getting it completely wrong are pretty big if you don’t have a great eye for design. That great eye for design is the reason why you need to see and wear a Farer watch in real life. That’s the only way you’re able to truly feel what makes it special.
Part of that experience started immediately when I received the Lander II GMT for review. When I took the watch out of the packaging my first reaction was, “That’s a blue dial isn’t it?” Fare..

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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Limited Edition Unimatic Modello Uno U1-F

April has arrived, and with it comes a new aBlogtoWatch giveaway. For April 2020, we’re offering up a premium limited edition diver from Unimatic. One of only 600 made, the Unimatic Modello Uno U1-F takes Unimatic’s signature pared down design language and creates a high quality, professional grade dive watch made in Italy.
The 40 mm stainless steel case is Unimatic’s clean utilitarian take on the classic diver formula, with broad athletic lugs, well proportioned crown guards and a full minutes scale running around the rotating bezel. The Modello Uno U1-F tops this off with a solid 300 meters of water resistance.
Like the case, the dial of the Modello Uno U1-F is an exercise in elemental, almost brutal restraint. The classic lumed dive watch marker arrangement is interrupted with a rotated 6 o’clock marker, adding a pop of character, while the matte black surface is otherwise left unmarred except for a small signature above 6 o’clock. A generous serving of Super-LumiNova C1 lume on b..

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Breitling Blockchain Interview With Antonio Carriero

HomeInterviewsBreitling Blockchain Interview With Antonio Carriero InterviewsBreitlingBreitling Blockchain Interview With Antonio Carriero Breitling's Chief Digital and Technogoloy Officer talks us through this exciting new technogoly by Rob Nudds April 02, 2020 MIN READBreitling Blockchain Interview With Antonio CarrieroThere’s a new kid on the block…chain…
Accompanying the rebirth of the Breitling Top Time (something all of us at Fratello are VERY excited about), is the news of a new digital service available to buyers. To better understand this new blockchain-stored digital passport, I caught up with Antonio Carriero, Breitling‘s Chief Digital and Technology Officer and a member of the senior executive team, the man with all the answers. Welcome, one and all, to the future…

The InterviewRob Nudds: It’s a very exciting time for Breitling with the continued overhaul of the catalog. Everything feels very much on brand. That’s hard to achieve while also being progressive. And now ..

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H. Moser & Cie Brings April Fools Joke To Life With Three New Vantablack Watches With Blackened Hands

Last year, on April 1, 2019, H. Moser & Cie posted an image of a vantablack watch that also had its hands blacked out, leaving just a black space. Apparently, the brand got so much interest they decided to actually make the April Fools day joke a reality and release three pieces. Fortunately, the hands are just blackened and not done in vantablack, so the time can actually be read, at least theoretically.
The in-person buying experience is non-existent at the moment, so Moser is also using these releases to tout its new e-commerce system, as well. Seeing such a low-production/high-cost brand like Moser embrace e-commerce is an encouraging sign.
These are very cool and very stark watches, and the blackened hands are unexpectedly effective in showing just how black vantablack really is. It’s impossible to tell if you’ll be able to read the time as clearly as you can from the press images, but my feeling is that it won’t be.

As for the watches, first is an Endeavour Tourbillon Concept..

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Wrist Game or Crying Shame: Doxa SUB 300 Professional

HomeWrist Game or Crying ShameWrist Game or Crying Shame: Doxa SUB 300 Professional Wrist Game or Crying ShameDoxaWrist Game or Crying Shame: Doxa SUB 300 Professional Are you Diver Down with this Doxa for €3,500? by Michael Stockton April 01, 2020 MIN READWrist Game or Crying Shame: Doxa SUB 300 ProfessionalHey there Fools of April, it’s time for Wrist Game or Crying Shame — the weekly scientific study that measures whether you show non-clinical interest in a given time control unit. This week, we’ll turn our attention to a vintage Doxa SUB 300 Professional. But first…

Last week, we showed you the lovely 1990s Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant and a full 70% of you decided that this retro chronograph was worthy of a Wrist Game vote. I approve that message and my vote was cast accordingly. This week, we move away from a retro-styled watch to a retro watch that’s served as inspiration for plenty of re-editions. The watch is the legendary Doxa SUB 300 Professional. We’ve covered this wat..

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Franck Dubarry Crazy Wheel Is An Eye-Catcher

HomeWatch TalkFranck Dubarry Crazy Wheel Is An Eye-Catcher Watch TalkFranck DubarryFranck Dubarry Crazy Wheel Is An Eye-Catcher Guest post by Steve Huyton by Fratello April 01, 2020 MIN READFranck Dubarry Crazy Wheel Is An Eye-CatcherOver the last few years I been fortunate to write several books about horology. This is a subject that absolutely fascinates me because of the microengineering involved.
The last book I produced was entitled “Independent Watchmakers” and the contribution they have made to the industry. Within the last 15 years, watch design has progressed exponentially. In fact, companies like Cabestan, De Bethune, Louis Moinet, MB&F, and Urwerk were the catalyst for me launching my own blog. They also inspired a whole new wave of other microbrands like Franck Dubarry to create their own Avant-Garde designs.
For the “Independent Watchmakers” book, I wanted to ensure there was a diverse selection of timepieces. The project involved a lot of research. Some of the watches had..

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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Watch Tans Line With Wrist Ray

presented by advertiser exclusively for aBlogtoWatch audience
Did you know that a recent survey of watch-enthusiast social media users determined that up to 40% chose not to share a “wrist shot” online because of embarrassing wrist watch tan lines? It’s true… countless timepiece lovers eager to share their lifestyles on Instagram and elsewhere are being held back by unsightly tan lines created when one wears a timepiece in the sun, and the skin under your watch can’t evenly tan. If you are a victim of wristwatch tan lines, then moving your timepiece just a millimeter on your wrist in either direction or putting on a different-sized timepiece can expose untanned skin and utterly ruin watch photography. Finally, there is a solution. Introducing Wrist Ray.

Wrist Ray is the world’s first portable tanning bed designed exclusively for your wrist. Wrist Ray’s remarkable inventors began by miniaturizing the technology used for full human-sized tanning beds and putting it into a battery-powe..

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TOP 8 April Fools’ Prank Watches

HomeWatch TalkTOP 8 April Fools’ Prank Watches Watch TalkSeikoTOP 8 April Fools’ Prank Watches Timex or Triwa even made it into production by Tomas Rosputinsky April 01, 2020 MIN READTOP 8 April Fools’ Prank WatchesThe Seiko Senbei with a dial made of Japanese rice crackers, Bremont with Shark Recognition Technology, or Timex showing 25 hours a day. Keep reading and have fun. Top 8 April Fools’ Watches.
We have seen a lot in recent years. Anything you can think of, ranging from fake news and funny mockups to crazy prototypes that made the story so real that even non-believers got hooked. Some of them are actually so good, we would like to see them in production.
It is interesting to see how far brands can go.
Not only in terms of ideas, but also in terms of production. Special promotions featuring landing pages filled with pictures, detailed long reads, even videos full of interviews and visual effects. All for watches that don’t exist. It’s called dedication. Or marketing. The goal of..

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Minase: Japanese Luxury Watches With A Difference

HomeBrand of the MonthMinase: Japanese Luxury Watches With A Difference Brand of the MonthPromotionMinase: Japanese Luxury Watches With A Difference More than meets the eye…by Partner Content April 01, 2020 MIN READMinase: Japanese Luxury Watches With A DifferenceMinase is a Japanese luxury watch company based in Yuzawa, some 450 kilometers from Tokyo, Japan. All the watches are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and watchmakers.
Minase’s philosophy is to make beautiful and qualitative timepieces that embody values, traditions and typical crafts of Japan. There are three things that make Minase stand-out completely: the unique design of its timepieces, the technical prowess achieved with the case in case construction, and the brilliant Sallaz polishing technique.

Four collectionsMinase watches are all paying tribute to the origin of the company: Kyowa, Minase’s parent company which is a renowned Japanese tool manufacturer specializing in the watch industry for more than 30 years. In tha..

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Spending Time Podcast Ep. 53: How To Buy Watches Online

The Spending Time Podcast goes in depth this week with one of the largest and most important questions facing new and seasoned collectors alike: what is the best way to buy a watch online? aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams and News Editor Sean Lorentzen discuss both the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing timepieces through the internet, with helpful tips for getting the best out of your online buying experience.
To listen to the full discussion, Episode 53 of the Spending Time Podcast is now available for listening through aBlogtoWatch’s YouTube page and podcast streaming service Blubrry.
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